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On the scourge of Radical feminism and the myth of male privilege: Part one

On the scourge of Radical feminism and the myth of male privilege: Part one

Due to the length of this article, it will be split into two parts. It is my sincere goal that many young men and women take the time to read this article in its entirety, seek out additional resources, counterpoints, as well as having the gumption to challenge any preconceived notions that they might already cling to.

Shortly before his death, noted mythologist and historian Joseph Campbell gave a lecture on Kundalini yoga and its emergence and subsequent development in the Eastern world. It is from this lecture that I begin this article by quoting a passage from his teachings:

“Now when I was a small boy, there was a question as to whether women should be educated. It was argued that they didn’t realize even then what the implications where. When the woman is educated in a male curriculum which is what these universities give us then she forgets what it means to be a woman. I hope this isn’t published (laughing)… But this is a real problem today.”
He went on to say:

“The sacrifice that the woman makes in achieving this career is much greater than the sacrifice that the man makes in achieving his career.”

We must first take into context that the nature of the sacrifice that Mr. Campbell was attributing to women is not in any way more or less noble a sacrifice than those that men make, but rather that it has a much greater impact on her life and alludes to the fact that at the time, many women were just beginning to choose sacrificing traditional gender roles such as motherhood and home-making in exchange for monetary independence and success in the world of business. The upset which occurs by balancing the twin burdens of career and motherhood can be attested to by first understanding that the amount of time and effort necessary that a woman must dedicate to being truly successful in her career creates a major conflict of interest which thoroughly contributes to under-nurturing and a lack of adequate attention to her offspring .This becomes the source for many reoccurring problems in young boys such as violent outbursts, lack of control and discipline, and even outright insubordination without her even acknowledging the extent of just how far the problem goes; so the State is all too eager to step in to take over parental roles and begin their indoctrination early. We see this phenomenon occur today in many single mother households where children, particularly young boys, are lacking a proper father figure. Campbell was not arguing against granting rudimentary grade-school education to girls, but rather, that priming women for careers in Universities to strive for positions which would otherwise have been male-dominated roles would prove to be a hugely problematic issue for society in the near future. This lecture took place in the mid 1980’s, a time when the growth of women in the workplace was yet still a burgeoning occurrence and a novel phenomenon. I consider Mr. Campbell to be a personal hero, and one of the underappreciated geniuses of the 20th century. Even the concept of a lifetime ‘career’ is a relatively recent concept to human society, only emerging in the 19th century after the industrial revolution, as the term ‘career’ itself was once referred to exclusively in the context of race-horses.

In the Paleolithic past, rituals prepared young boys to become hunters and warriors for their tribe. As a boy comes of age, it was customary that he be sent away to be ‘activated’ by the society through these ritualistic inductions. This is an inherent component of human nature and this core psychology still remains embedded within us. When participating in the male sphere, women are simply not activated in the same way when becoming a member of the society. Young women did not need to be ‘activated’; they simply sat in a hut and realized that they were a vessel for life and child rearing and that Mother Nature had over-taken both their physiology and psychology during their first menstrual cycles. Despite what so-called progressive leftist “thinkers” may attempt to tell you, humanity is not a gender-neutral species with both genders exhibiting ‘equal’ traits and capabilities in every possible way: there exist myriad differences between the sexes that are directly hardwired into our DNA and have been for hundreds of thousands of years.

Since the sexual revolution of the late 1960’s, our society has witnessed the total implosion of the nuclear family which has concluded in the widespread dismantling of the traditional patriarchal family house-hold structure which has now been undermined to its very core. This has led to the dissolution of the father-figure as the locus of power in the household; ergo, his inevitable replacement with state authority at the greatest expense to him should his wife deem it necessary in a divorce settlement. Though this model still persists today in many evangelical families and others beholden to traditional values typically rooted in religious pastimes, we cannot ignore how far it has crumbled since this model was at one time the de-facto household structure. While some radicals may delight in the notion of tearing down any male authority figures, they remain oblivious that upsetting the balance of the traditional family unit has been extremely chaotic to society and from this plight stemmed a great many ills, and many believe it is inexorably leading to a breakdown in western society itself. However, it has also been a blessing in disguise. Many men are now in fact applauding this turn of events inasmuch as the breakdown has allowed for men in this new era to sever the reigns of marriage under state jurisdiction because they are seen as nothing more than workhorses; and by doing so, sever also the blind servitude to their “Male-Mother need” requiring female oversight in their lives by declaring their autonomy and rising from the rubble of the ‘nuclear family’ model to go their own way.

Masculinity is under siege.

In the absence of strong male role models, many young boys today are reared by single mothers and grow up resentful and confused about the meaning of manhood as we are now tearing down the goalposts and redefining what being a man truly means. The Protector/resource provider role as the defining characteristic for men is an archaic one even though it is still foisted upon men by the society and defined solely through man’s relationship to woman by default and lauded as his only true purpose in life according to a ‘traditional’ value system endorsing Judeo-Christian principles.  Anything straying from this dynamic in a tradcon (Traditional conservative) value system is considered a threat to the pervading status quo; IE, homosexuality. In regards to young boys in the current school system, they are admonished for expressing competitive aggressiveness and rowdy playfulness. Instead, they are given a slew of pills to sedate them into a passive stupor from expressing otherwise normal competitive male behaviors.

We are now conditioning entire generations to lead inauthentic lives, where simply participating in extracurricular activities merits rewarding them with trophies and gold stars no matter who crosses the proverbial finish line first. They often lack discipline and structure in their lives, sheltered and coddled by helicoptering parents and a gynocentric nanny-school system, and, as a consequence, are becoming mentally and physically fragile and unable to face adversity and confront challenges head on without retreating into “safe spaces.” It is insidious and it is deliberate. Gone, are the halcyon days of cowboys and Indians with pop-guns, roughly playing tug of war in the mud; ‘Nerf guns’ are now shunned by school systems even during recess and radical leftist parents aim to repress normal male behaviors from manifesting themselves in any healthy or positive way. Even drawing pirates wielding guns or ninja’s wielding swords on a piece of paper during class gets young boys traumatized by being forced to undergo ‘evaluation’ sessions in many grade schools’ detention programs; code word for sensitivity training which is just a form of mental indoctrination that strives to recondition them toward emulating passive female behaviors which is now set as the gold standard which they are expected to meet. There is no wonder that millions of men have come to the understanding that masculine behaviors are looked upon poorly by our society. What we have been witnessing is a complete re-structuring of gender roles: It starts early, and there is no turning back to traditionalism. This has led to the rise of a generation of SJW’s and special snowflakes that require trigger warnings when confronted with opposing viewpoints and take to virtue signaling at the earliest sign of distress.

Masculinity is being heavily eroded in all aspects of life for the modern man and there are now many rising internet personalities bringing attention to these issues. This degradation is brought under scrutiny by Youtube commentators such as Sargon of Akkad, Sandman, Paul Elam, Stardusk, Thinking Ape, and Barbarosa and also parodied by comedians such as Bill Burr and Patrice O’Neal; we now have men that are providing easy access to non-conventional information in the form of well thought out memorandums and video segments that would have otherwise been hidden away under troves of psychology textbooks and science journals discussing human behavior and gender dynamics in the most inane and convoluted jargon possible. This is information that the mass media does not have any inclination to share with the general public on any of their popular broadcast channels, nor would it fit into the machinations of their liberal agenda. Much of this information is coming from movements such as MGTOW (Men going their own way) that strive to walk away from what they rightfully see as a corrupt system by grasping the realities of how male/female gender relations truly work and have come to the conclusion that the deck is greatly stacked against them. For this realization they use the metaphor “Taking the Red Pill”, in reference to the first Matrix movie in which the protagonist (Neo) chooses the harsh realities of life over an existence of delusion. Whether it comes to understanding how women are greatly favored in divorce court proceedings and child custody battles or becoming aware of how often men are considered disposable and taken to the cleaners by manipulative women, they are now waking up to witness the consequences that each increasingly fanatical wave of feminism has had on their lives and they are washing their hands of it and by doing so they are achieving a completely liberated state of mind. 

As an ideology, MGTOW is one among many movements that have appeared in recent years in response to combat radical feminism; it allows millions of young men to emerge victorious against it by becoming educated on female nature and understanding the hypocrisy of our gynocentric society that women of the most poisonous varieties thrive in. These commentators provide valuable content which seeks to address these issues in logical and clear-headed manners, thwarting the ‘progressive left’ by pulling down the curtain and exposing the charade of for what it really is: Cultural Marxism, misandry, and emasculation. When this happens, their integrity is often bought into question by these leftists and their masculinity is exigently attacked. They are vilified by liberal media outlets and shunned for even intelligently shedding light on these issue.  While MGTOW and MRA (Men’s rights activism) is one of the more radical philosophies which evolved to counterbalance the decade’s onslaught of feminism, I do not believe it is a viable long term strategy to achieving successful and harmonious gender relations. Freeing oneself from the plantation of marriage (in its current form) and a lifetime of government oversight is essential for male liberation in modern times but it also presents a challenge because when men are not reproducing and existing in stable relationships it creates the problem of racial disintegration and the problem perpetuates itself to the next generation. So in order to change the laws and social structure in such a way that men are restored to their natural roles as leaders rather than followers, these men’s rights movements must therefore become a tenable political movement.

Now, allow yourself to conduct a quick thought experiment: In a world where almost anything can be bought and sold you must ask yourself, what is the one thing that now comes at a premium in western society and, in purely conceptual terms, maintains its weight in gold?


It is this idea that by belonging to an exclusive group, one has the ability to bend the rules of the society. This sentiment is as old as human history itself; nay older. This persists today in the form of elitism and it brings along with it a sense of Self-righteousness that seeks to compensate for an otherwise fragile ego. One who belongs to a certain privileged class by having used this elitist method of social manipulation to put oneself into a position of power attains a Machiavellian sense of accomplishment by first gaining the necessary social status to garner approval from the society at large. They then use their ability of status to render control over anyone they consider beneath them in the hierarchical structure. This is how power has always worked.

We live in the digital age where entire libraries of information lay at our fingertips. In a connected world where anything can be learned by anyone, one need only study hard to achieve levels of intellect and wisdom that was at one time available only to scholars. We even have access to “hidden” and “occult” information that was at one time considered forbidden and discussed only amongst the social elite. Higher Academia has been deeply infiltrated by ultra-left-wing radical professors that are sympathetic to fringe organizations and movements such as 3rd wave feminism; black lives matter, social justice (SOCJUS) and they are offering curriculum's which have attracted a host of leftist students that have been all too willing to further contribute to this ongoing social decay. Take for example, ‘Womens studies’: Classes like these focus on granting a false sense of legitimacy to its student base by perpetuating a culture of self-victimization  and ‘empowering’ women by brainwashing them about the evils of the patriarchy (which has built, brick by brick, the very world we live in, mind you) and the perils of ‘rape culture’ as though it is some insidious undercurrent in western society orchestrated solely against women when in fact the numbers of actual rape statistics are drastically overinflated. 

Rape is a horrible crime no matter which gender it is committed against, but we must also keep in perspective also, that males are far more likely to be victims of rape than accused of it.  1-6 boys experience sexual assault by the age of 18, according to 1-6.org. But of course, by painting a narrative of women as the only victims of this crime it becomes an avenue to conveniently ignoring males plight as they are just as likely to be victims of it if not more so, because they are less likely to come forward.

College classrooms in the postmodern world have become nothing more than institutionalized breeding grounds for “progressives” and cultural Marxists. There are even institutions such as Merrimack College, for example, that offer courses on so called social justice studies (SOCJ 1100) as well as liberal arts. By sitting through lectures and rote memorizing a series of powerpoint bulletins and statistics cooked up for standardized tests,  anyone with basic literacy can pass one of these courses while contributing very little in terms of critical thinking aside from parroting hyperbole they heard coming from Andrea Dworkin’s disgusting pig lips. Many up and coming social justice warriors crave this validation through obtaining paper qualifications to reinforce the exclusivity of their elitist worldview with the intent of looking down upon anyone that has not attained the ‘standards’ of their “academic success”. 

College is in fact, a racket. It is a rigged system that many economists have begun to question in regards to its practical ability to grant the majority of graduates’ financial independence after the tremendous burden of debt in the form of student loans with added interest is saddled upon them. Funneling graduates into a job market where six figure salary positions have become an increasingly scarce prospect has been a recipe for disaster due to the low growth of our slowing economy. If the lucky few with trust fund parents don’t pay for their college tuition, then in most cases these graduates effectively wind up paying off their debt for decades while working as wage slaves in the service sector. 

 Many young women today seek to become ‘sugar babies’ to older men driving BMW’s to pay off their tuition in exchange for sex, further relying on the hypo-agency of their bodies as the only valuable asset they possess. This dynamic extends towards many relationships today occurring between men and women where the “romance” of the affair gets invariably reduced to little more than transaction for women in a bid to attain resources. A woman of this caliber does not love a man: she only loves what he can do for her, and she is often shameless about this fact, when in the past, women with this intent were shamed by other women whereas today, they are encouraged for this behavior and they wonder why it is backfiring. These types of relationships are detrimental in the long term as they are taking advantage of desperate men who are eager to show off these young women as trophies: It is objectification in the purest sense and the men that indulge in them are often ignorant to the superficiality of their arrangement until it is too late when their trophy wife leaves her beta-male provider for a younger and/or wealthier man at no consequence to her whatsoever. In addition to this, Universities have become debt-factories producing legions of disenfranchised youth clutching a piece of paper while not even guaranteed a job. While it is true that there are many courses offering advanced degrees in specialized fields such as engineering, law, physics, medicine, chemistry and many other noble pursuits that grant success for some, it also provides pathways for radical leftists and disciples of SOCJUS to exploit by obtaining credentials in pseudo-intellectual classes which require the absolute minimal amount of effort to complete. They then use this token of exclusivity in their adult life which transfers into professional settings.

“The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.”    -H.L.  Mencken

Coming soon

Part Two: Debunking the myth of male privilege.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Why I am endorsing Donald J Trump for president of the United States of America.

Having decided to weigh in on the current political debate, I’ve found it necessary to make a clear case for why I support Donald J Trump for President.  An Election year in the United States of America is always one brimming with great fervor and intensity. This one is especially paramount. For the sake of brevity, I am going to keep this article concise and to the point. You may be a Trump supporter yourself. You may be undecided, indifferent, or even curious about the rationale behind the minds of people who support him, especially when there are many out there that consider him so divisive and polarizing. My aim is to summarize the calculus of the policies he’s put forth and hopefully make them more transparent to those who wish to grasp the thought process of a member of his support base.

Personally speaking, I have admired Mr. Trump long before he decided to run for office. Donald Trump is unequivocally, a tactician of the highest order when it comes to striking business deals, creating strong partnerships and building wealth with a name brand that is synonymous with success. These are all traits that lend itself well to the role of commander in chief. Despite a handful of failed ventures, he’s not afraid to try and fail only to try his hand again; fighting harder and emerging even stronger due to his sheer determination and capitalist business savvy. He is emblematic of the American spirit and has become this patriotic tour de force generating the sort of unfiltered yuppie bravado of late 20th century America that we have all but lost. A populist leader in the truest sense, Mr Trump clearly speaks to the silent majority that is demanding real change in this country. He has tapped into the vein of anger we feel at bureaucratic corruption, and, although he is certainly bombastic, he is channeling it smartly into progressive reforms and bold new policies with the red-blooded vigor and macho dynamism of the great leaders of old like Theodore Roosevelt and generals like Douglas MacArthur and George S. Patton. Only the persuasive, firm, measured aggression that Trump exudes will be enough to accomplish the sweeping political priorities that Trump has vowed to make precedent in his administration and I believe America is in tremendous need of this kind of definitive transformation. 

For a long while I was undecided regarding my political affiliation. Some might label me a swing voter because I am convinced in supporting a candidate by having first come to a consensus regarding their appeal through a host of many factors, including: Great personality, political values, speaking presence, and substance of character, something which Mr. Trump possesses in spades along with a plethora of game-changing policies and ideas that he brings to the table. I do not believe any two parties can thoroughly encapsulate the complexities of the American voter base. Many are just mystified by the Phenomenon of Trump because he is attracting support from a wide ranging base outside of the establishment of hardline Republicans. For example, I am socially liberal and accept the legitimacy of man-made (Read: carbon emission altering) climate change, support birth control, women’s right to choose and believe in maintaining a social safety net for those who are struggling and in dire need of help for basic needs, but I don’t share many of the fundamental, underlying policies typical of left wing democrats.

Although Senator Bernie Sanders makes many salient points and I especially share his vision of being socially liberal, raising the minimum wage and embracing equality for all races, genders and orientations, I could never vote for a candidate that advocates what essentially amounts to socialism and support the communist ideologies that he espouses. On another note, I certainly have no love for the religious right: Evangelical ‘values’ and bible thumping zealotry that discriminates against the LGBT community and that publically shames women who have had abortions and attacks planned parenthood deserves no  place in the governance of 300+ million people. However I speak strongly as a conservative on the issues of national fiscal responsibility, 2nd amendment rights*, foreign policy, and shoring up our military forces. Mr Trump has shown he will do everything in his power to take care of our veterans. He has the gumption to tackle overspending, eliminating the festering corruption in Washington and has the greatest skill in bringing back jobs to our country and levying penalties on corporations that export labor and manufacturing overseas. He has the experience necessary to reinvigorate our lagging economy and the decisiveness to help put us back on top of the globe where we belong.

*In an earlier article I discussed gun control in great detail in which I support effective background checks, gun training courses and expanding mental health facilities while respecting that our 2nd amendment rights remain intact and unmolested.

He is not controlled by the political elite: He manages his own wealth. As countless pundits and bloggers have pointed out, anyone can agree on the fact that Trump is not a career politician by trade and therefore he is not being made to dance under the purse strings of lobbyists and special interest groups. This is a major point of appeal for me as well as other Trump supporters.

Donald Trump is the only candidate capable of building a border wall under budget and ahead of time that would help put a stop to illegal immigration, human smuggling, and drug-running. What many don’t understand is that the “Wall” he refers to is just as much a philosophy as it is an engineering project on the southern border (That Mexico will pay for!) The “wall” is an expansive series of enhanced security measures and checkpoints barring illegal immigrants from any port of entry into the United States. The “wall” is buffing up security patrols on our borders and on our coasts, making sure that if there are any refugees flooding in from the Middle East, they will be thoroughly screened because, unlike many liberals, conservatives do not delude themselves with naiveté when it comes to immigration. We know that ISIS and other terrorist factions are just itching to embed themselves in the destitute masses of refugee crowds and wish to slip through by taking advantage of our sympathies…and if they cannot infiltrate the refugees directly, they will do everything in their power radicalize those who make it through and influence their extended families to join terrorist cells within. 

You better believe it.

Allow me to address a couple accusations that Mr Trump’s opponents mindlessly spew:

“Donald Trump is a bully!”

Mr Trump has shown he can be very presidential and is a unifier when he is not being attacked on all sides by his opponents. Is he an entertainer? Absolutely, and that makes him interesting. Donald Trump has shown he has a great sense of humor and knows how to work a crowd. He has unparalleled people skills and persuasion in getting his ideas across. Let’s not forget that the great Ronald Regan was a Hollywood actor before he became President. If Mr Trump is being attacked, he has every right to defend himself, something which he does magnanimously and the country needs him in power.

“Donald Trump is racist/fascist/sexist/White Supremacist!”   *Substitute any two of the four to fit your personal narrative, get a side order of Bullshit™, absolutely FREE of charge!

Wrong. Utter sensationalist swill. Believing in any of the previous ‘ist’ buzzwords in the quoted statement is a clear red-flag that you have been thoroughly conditioned by the liberal agenda of many mainstream media outlets and/or you have been genuinely misinformed. What is the worst possible thing to accuse someone of in this day and age? 


Fortunately, Americans are usually clever enough to understand when something is taken out of context by the liberal media. In the commentary made during his conference on 06/16/2015, it is evident that Mr Trump was referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico, and is absolutely correct in calling out the fact that many of these illegals are indeed rapists, murderers and drug dealers financed by the cartels. This does NOT implicate Mexican nationals as a whole, which are indeed a wonderful people with a rich history and culture. Many of my friends are of Mexican and Latino descent (I am of partial Latino descent) and they are dearly loved. Conflate this with the epidemic drug problem south of the border that the cartels are taking advantage of and you have a recipe for a sensationalist cake baked by the biased media, decorated with swastika icing. With the U.S currently maintaining a 58 Billion dollar trade deficit, Donald Trump will ensure that the construction of the U.S/Mexico wall will be financed by Mexico, either through a trade embargo, deportation taxes or through some yet other undetermined means of expenditure, it will get done come hell or high water. After Dr Ben Carson’s endorsement and a fantastic introduction from Pastor Darrel Scott, Donald J Trump has shown he is in touch with leaders in the black community as well as addressing race relations in America and is very much concerned about the unemployment rate, particularly among young African American males and how to help them obtain better jobs, escape poverty and achieve success.

Mr Trump is the hero we need driving a stake into the sordid heart of political correctness. He is an avenger in pointing out media bias and the propaganda of the press; and while we do have a ‘free’ press, it is very much a biased one.  Recognizing the Muslim friends he is partnered with in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump will work with Gulf powers in rooting out the fanatics and extremists that are so delusional in their zealotry that they are insidiously attacking civilians in Europe and abroad. With a stable power-base to flourish in, ISIS, Boko Haram, and other terror networks will be in the perfect position to carry out a series of catastrophic attacks on the scale of 9/11 or worse upon the free world if they aren’t eradicated. As a war-hawk president, Donald Trump will vigorously destroy the scourge of Islamic terrorism.  Let’s keep in mind that we are coming out of an era where President Barack Hussein Obama did not even have the stomach for labeling recent terrorist attacks committed in the name of radical Islam for what it is: Radical Islam. Instead, he began his presidency by embarking on a worldwide apology tour and went ahead with a trade deal lifting sanctions on Iran without getting our prisoners back. The Iranian deal he formulated makes no guarantee that thorough inspections will be carried out with any degree of certainty and now there is nothing stopping Iran from supplying nuclear arms to Hezbollah.  For this (among many other reasons, namely, throwing Israel under the bus), I believe he is the absolute worst president in U.S history. In my opinion, Obama’s legacy is one of tremendous shame and despair. Let this be known for posterity: The Obama presidency is a filthy stain on the history of this nation. In 2008, at the age of 21, I voted for the first time in a presidential election for John McCain and I do not regret that decision to this day.

Opposition groups have resorted to the despicable tactic of attacking Mr Trump’s support base, casting an aura of shame upon them. They would love nothing more than continue labeling them as merely uneducated, unwashed masses that simply have no grasp about what’s going on in the world around them, more or less ignorant sheep in the grand scheme of things. They exploit this clearly broken narrative to change the tone of the conversation in an effort to help suit their own twisted agenda, wielding opinionated rhetoric with such smug arrogance, as to be rendered pathetic and desperate for validity. They attempted to affiliate Mr Trump with the Ku Klux Klan and his supporters with white supremacy, even after Mr Trump repeatedly disavowed any endorsement from David Duke. They are so utterly desperate in justifying their polluted worldview that many of these ‘protestors’ are little more than agitators that have introduced a level of violence into our political process yet unseen. These groups either represent (or are partnered with) subversive groups such as Black Lives matter, 3rd wave feminists, and cultural Marxist organizations that have gone completely off the rails. 

What we are seeing in the 21st century is that fascism has taken the form of extreme anarchist, cop-hating radical leftists groups behaving like Orwellian thought police against those they disagree with, inciting violence at events hosted by Mr Trump which would have been otherwise peaceful rallies. Sabotaging events and then decrying self-victimization while simultaneously using intimidation tactics and claiming victory afterward is an act of cowardice and it’s a shameful spectacle to behold. Stifling Donald Trump’s platform is stifling the political process itself and prevents him from exercising his first amendment rights. Trump did the smart thing by shutting down the rally event on 3/11/16 for public safety. However, I believe this works in his favor and he can turn it around by garnering media exposure. In the McCarthy era, these groups would have been investigated for communist treason and as far as I’m concerned, they are traitors to the liberty of this nation. We have a media cycle that has given a speaking platform to a mentally deranged individual who rushed Mr Trump on stage. If an individual had rushed Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton on stage, no news network would have interviewed that individual. It is exactly this sort of outrageous double standard that only reinforces my support for Mr Trump.

For the vast majority of US citizens who can see through the media smokescreen and their blatant lies, I believe we will make the right decision come November. The numbers don’t lie: Trump is a force of nature and he is reaching across the aisle and bringing in new voters. If the Republicans expect to win in November against Hillary Clinton they must rally behind Trump or the party is going to fracture and split in two. I sincerely believe Donald Trump loves this country and desires to see prosperity and strength reign once again, particularly for those willing to work for it. Small business owners and entrepreneurs will benefit greatly from his policies. The minimum wage will be raised and that will bolster the service sector and the standard of living for the average American. Taxes incurred on imports from China and elsewhere will help repair our failing infrastructure. Manufacturing will be brought back to the homeland under Trump and many products will be cheaper to transport and of superior quality when these changes gradually take effect. Mr Trump will oversee a unified America where racial and gender division will be put in the past where it belongs and usher in a technologically advanced, egalitarian and prosperous nation with a stronger military force.

It is for these reasons that I can state with pride and absolute conviction, that Donald J Trump is the right man for the job of holding the highest office in the nation and is the only candidate that will make America great again.

Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie isin't dead

Rarely have I seen such an outpouring of grief and remembrance go forth toward an artist and cultural icon as much as I’ve seen lately with the recent passing of David Bowie, especially resonating from the ranks of us snarky ‘Millennial’s’ who maintain an appreciation for his greatest works which occurred largely ‘before our time’. Rarely do celebrity deaths have such an impact on me personally as well. The deluge of mass media coverage we are seeing is not a trivial ritual, because, in his heyday, Bowie was so far ahead of his time in so many ways that he speaks to us directly even though he made his mark on the world 40 some odd years ago.

David Bowie epitomized the essence of what it means to be an artist. Constantly re-inventing himself and changing with the times, he dissolved gender lines, generational lines, racial lines, and genre lines. Upcoming artists and musicians need to take note and study Bowie like Beethoven studied under Mozart and Sinatra studied under Crosby. Even in the throes of death, Bowie managed to somehow encapsulate a dramatically artistic fugue with ‘Blackstar’ his final album that is as haunting as it is euphoric; with his swan song ‘Lazarus’ representing an unnerving portrayal about coping with cancer and keeping it hidden away from the world. He was a class act right up until the very end of his life. What strikes me most is how rare artists of his caliber are today, and it would be fair to argue that he defied caliber and classification altogether. Otherworldly and alien, creating alter-ego’s that were real rather than gimmicky, Bowie shaped a cultural legacy that will always endure. What we are now seeing is that the pool of talent reaching anywhere near Bowie’s magnitude is fast dwindling. There is still great talent and unique sound in the music world today, though not nearly in the same way as it once was: There lacks a certain panache and musical finesse for real ingenuity in the vast majority of the mainstream music scene.

The old Gods of Rock are dead and dying.   

Because he was a musical polymath with an uncanny ability to span so many echelons of talent, acting and performance art and pull it off so authentically, the next generation desperately needs to understand how unique Bowie was and realize just how much talent this planet lost this past Sunday. The kind of seismic, musical witchcraft that Bowie produced will never, ever come groomed from some record label executive whose sole purpose is mass manufacturing a brand attached to a photo-shopped face. In the long term, people will always see through the charade of the short lived one hit wonders with obnoxiously perfect hairstyles and synthetically altered voices.  Although Bowie was never above profiting from his works, like any true artist, his music and performances came from a heart of great inspiration and zealous artistic creativity; and although his music and image can be promoted and marketed, talent of his nature can never be replicated. The Thin White Duke had a great impact on my life as it did countless others. Let’s not forget Labyrinth, either. How awesome was that movie?

David Bowie isn’t dead; he’s immortal and simply fell back into outer space.